• Animate paintings

    ARART lets a new story unfold, as if time trapped inside the painting had been stirred alive. ARART offers a glimpse into the hidden story veiled behind the painting.

  • Inside an illustrated novel

    Everybody is familiar with the beautifully illustrated “Alice in Wonderland”. When reading this novel with ARART, the beloved characters will come to life and move about spiritedly.

  • ARART Workshop

    By participating to ARART Workshop, anyone can become a ARART creator and make changes, give movements to various objects around us.

  • “Uroboros Torch”
    Masayuki Akamatsu +ARART

    The new work by Akamatsu Masayuki, world famous media artist, “Uroboros Torch”, is an ARART collaboration. When the camera is overlaid on the wall panel, ARART will play music and video according to what it sees. Depending on which part ARART sees, the art will change and a new story will be told.

  • “Bloom Color”
    Yutaka Kitamura +ARART

    Yutaka Kitamura’s “Flowering” is an artwork that features blooming flowers recorded in high speed. In “Bloom Color” the paintings display flower buds and when the camera is overlaid onto the paintings, ARART will show clips of the buds blooming into flowers.

  • “ARART exhibition”
    ATTIC Sapporo 2012

    ARART opened an exhibition in Sapporo’s “ATTIC” space where audiences were able to experience ARART firsthand. Various mediums of expression, such as paintings, illustrated novels, CDs, LPs, were transformed into new reality. ARART presents a new paradigm of artistic expression and a new possibility of information exhibition.